San Diego

I visited San Diego 11/19 and 11/20/99. My friend Celia was nice enough to show me around. Here are some pictures of my visit. Click on a picture to receive a much larger, higher quality version. Enjoy -- Jim

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The first place we visited on November 19th was Old Town San Diego.
The plaza has several good Mexican restaurants and some entertainment.
This is an old Wells Fargo Stage Coach.
These pictures are of the Whaley House, the city seat for a while and a residence. This room was originally a granary but was converted into the County Courthouse in 1869.
The music room. This place is reportedly haunted and a week before my visit, someone thought they caught a photograph of a ghost when the had their photos developed. I don't see any in mine though.
A bedroom.
A garden behind the house.
That's me by one of the oldest buildings, a residence.

San Diego Harbor on November 20th. (Unfortunately my camera's battery died so I couldn't get more pictures of this beautiful area between those last pictures and these.)
This historical ship is the Star of India.
That's me again.

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26 November 1999
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